Unlimited Car Washes

Top Shelf Unlimited Car Washes Plans Starting at Only $20/mo

Whether you choose our Super Wash, the Top Shelf Ultimate Lava Wax Wash, or the Top Shelf MAXX…
Top Shelf Car Wash has you covered with our Unlimited Plans.


Free Towel Exchange

Bug Scrub •  Ceramic Coating •  Buff & Dry • Tire Shine •
Wheel Clean •  Tri-Foam Conditioner •
Spot Free Soft Water Rinse •  Power Dry

Top Shelf Ultimate Lava Wax Wash

Hot Lava Bath • Carnauba Wax • Wheel Clean
• Tri-Foam Conditioner • Tire Shine •
• Includes Free Self Vacuum

Super Wash

Wheel Clean • Tri-Foam Conditioner
• Includes Free Self Vacuum

Wash whenever you want!

  • Monthly credit card auto pay
  • No Contract
  • Cancel anytime 7 days before billing date
  • Automatic credit/debit recharge program

Unlimited Car Wash Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be made in person at the location.
Cancellations can not be accepted by phone or email.
Cancellations must be made within 7 days of renewal.